Office Desk Design

Office Desk Design
from Wilcox Office Mart

There are various styles of office desk design that are popular for designers, manufacturers, and distributors to create and carry today. Rest assured that Wilcox has a full line of all design styles in order to meet the unique tastes and specifications of businesses.

Wilcox carries the following styles of office desks:

  • Traditional – Heavy and ornate, traditional office desk design generally makes use of stylish embellishments and is constructed of wood. In recent years, traditional designs are being manufactured with different materials, including metal and glass. Wilcox has a large selection of traditional office desks in various materials.
  • Contemporary – Sleeker in appearance than traditional desks, contemporary office desk design is characterized by long lines and a minimalist aesthetic. It is quite common to see contemporary desks in glass and metal, although wood is a popular choice for designers today.
  • Transitional – Marking the period during the mid-20th century when designers moved away from the traditional style and began to explore contemporary lines, transitional office desk design is marked by a calm balance between the two extremes. Neither heavily ornamented nor plain and basic, transitional is an excellent style for offices who want a classic look to their furniture.

With office desks from the top designers and manufacturers, including Steelcase, Haworth, and Herman Miller, you can be assured of the integrity of the products you receive. Wilcox is dedicated to the satisfaction of customers nationwide, and with the teaming of our company with these well-respected manufacturers, you can be certain your office desks will look beautiful and last for many long years of active use.

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