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What sight greets your guests as they walk through your doors? Is your lobby a bright open space with comfortable furnishings leading up to the reception area? Or is it a utilitarian space with outdated hotel furniture and buzzing fluorescent lights?

Wilcox Office Works has the design solutions you need to revitalize the look and feel of your hotel’s communal spaces.

The first impression your guests have of your establishment influences their overall experience, which impacts your reputation as a hotel. This is especially the case for hotels in North Carolina and South Carolina, which have a strong reputation of Southern hospitality to uphold. At Wilcox Office Works, we partner with hotel furniture manufacturers to bring our clients the best quality and value for modern hotel furniture.

What’s the difference between hotel furniture and other furniture?

Home and office furnishings are often chosen based on the needs and tastes of a specific group of people. Commercial hotel furniture, on the other hand, must have a wider appeal. Modern hotel furniture has a simple elegance that is comfortable and appealing while remaining pragmatic. Aside from aesthetics, hoteliers must take into consideration the quality and durability provided by hotel furniture manufacturers.

Types of hotel furniture we carry in South Carolina and North Carolina:
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  • Lobby Furniture

  • Reception Areas

  • Desks

  • Chairs

  • Conference areas

  • Dining areas

Why choose us for your hotel interior design in the Carolinas?

Not only is Wilcox Office Works a trusted office furniture supplier and installer of hotel furniture in the Columbia, South Carolina area, we are also innovators in commercial interior design. We work closely with our clients to provide them with original design concepts that transform the energy and aesthetics of their hotel interior.

Our dynamic approach

Our designers are especially good at blending stylistic taste with the practical space aspects such as traffic flow and work systems. There is no need to sacrifice convenience or style for a dynamic design solution that brings out the best of your hotel.

When you choose Wilcox Office Works for your hotel interior design, you will experience our efficient, client-centered process. From our initial assessment of your unique design needs to the finishing touches, your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Do you need help?

Save yourself the stress of undertaking a design project on your own.

Wilcox Office Works is just a phone call away with customized creative solutions for your hotel interior design. Contact us today to start the process of updating and beautifying your hotel space. Call us at (843) 662-1563.

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