Office Furniture Layout and Design

During the relocation or remodeling of your business, properly planning the layout and design of your office can make your move considerably easier. A well thought out office design can also greatly improve the efficiency of your business. Companies that focus on the design and optimization of their office environments reap the following benefits:

  • better employee morale
  • increased productivity
  • improved business processes
  • enhanced corporate image
  • decreased overhead costs
  • increased file storage space

Optimized space, improved productivity

Wilcox Office Mart provides expert office layout and design consulting services to enhance your workflow processes and ensure effectiveness for your business. As South Carolina's office relocation specialists, there’s no office environment or industry facility that we’re not familiar with. Utilizing our extensive experience relocating, installing, and refurbishing office furniture systems, we can customize a solution that incorporates the following:

  • used office furniture sales

  • storage of additional inventory

  • cubicle reconfiguration

  • modular storage systems

  • file room optimization

  • liquidation/disposal of equipment

  • new furniture receiving, storage and distribution

Office furniture system expertise

We offer a thorough consultation to assess your organizational needs, objectives and timeframes. Our thorough knowledge of furniture systems allows us to recommend the most cost effective and appropriate product solutions for your business. We have extensive experience with the following office systems:

  • Allsteel

  • AIS

  • Hayworth

  • Hon

  • Herman Miller

  • Kimball

  • Knoll

  • Steelcase

  • Teknion

  • Trendway

Visualizing an enhanced work environment

Included in each project plan are drawings that enable you to visualize our design and layout recommendations. We provide you with several options, so that you can choose the most economical solution for your business. Each option takes into consideration lighting and data and electrical connections, in order to accommodate the most efficient use of supplies and equipment that support your business processes.

We help you to achieve cost savings by maximizing the best use of your existing furniture and equipment while suggesting new or used options for optimizing space. Our refurbishing and cleaning team can even replenish cubicles, shelving systems and furnishings which provides you with additional savings. In addition to a layout, we incorporate suggestions for improving aesthetics, air flow, natural light and navigability.

Wilcox Office Mart prides itself on helping our customers enhance the office environment for their clients and customers. Our full service furniture layout and design services provide you with a comprehensive resource for improving overall workflow and efficiency.

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