Remanufactured Cubicles

Although you may have heard the term before, you may not be aware of just what refurbished cubicles are. Also known as remanufactured, refurbished cubicles are panels and panel systems that have been used by a business but have been put through a process that makes them appear and function as brand new. Unlike used cubicles, which may only be touched up before being resold, refurbished cubicles are actually manufactured again, with every aspect of their construction scrutinized and made again if necessary. For example, rather than simply touch up a part of a panel that needs paint or repair a rip in the fabric, refurbished cubicles are often completely repainted, as well as reupholstered. For all intents and purposes, after they have been remanufactured, refurbished cubicles are essentially new again.

The major benefit of choosing refurbished cubicles, and the reason why many businesses choose to include them in their office layouts, is simple: price. Because they utilize existing setups rather than creating entirely new panels, refurbished cubicles need fewer materials than manufacturing new, meaning the cost of producing them is lower. Further, because these are not “brand new,” they are sold at a lower price than new cubicles, even though they look, function, and feel just like new. Oftentimes, refurbished cubicles from top manufacturers such as Herman Miller and Steelcase are sold at a fraction of their original cost while still retaining the quality construction and timeless beauty of the brand.

Another benefit of refurbished cubicles many people are unaware of is their environmentally friendly nature. Because this type of cubicle for sale is reused rather than thrown away, refurbished office cubicles furniture saves countless pounds of waste from reaching dumps. Further, many companies use “green” methods to remanufacture their cubicles and other office workstation systems. Wilcox Office Mart carries Gen2 Office furniture as well as RSI Systems. 

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