Commercial Interiors

What do your office interiors say about your business? Is the space bright, comfortable and efficient? Does the layout lend itself to productivity? Or is it a maze of cubicles and furniture that stymies work flow?

Wilcox Office Works has design solutions for commercial interiors that can maximize productivity, increase energy efficiency and optimize work flow in your business.

Commercial Interiors

Commercial interior design is much more than a superficial office makeover. Anyone can paint the walls a new color and hang a few motivational posters. Done right, commercial interior design can transform the productivity and morale of a workplace.

Wilcox Office Works partners with North Carolina and South Carolina businesses for all aspects of the design process, from strategic space planning to updating out-dated furniture and even furniture installation.

Design ideas for commercial
& business interior design

Imagine the impression you want people to have about your business. That impression should be the driving force behind commercial interior design ideas.

A “one size fits all” approach is ineffective because every company has unique qualities. Those one of a kind characteristics ought to be reflected in the commercial interior. Design ideas for business interiors can address a variety of factors that impact workflow, productivity, culture and ultimately employee well-being.

  • Technology integration

  • Lighting

  • Color scheme

  • Energy efficiency

  • Ergonomic design

  • Employee health

These aesthetic touches create an atmosphere that will leave visitors with a good impression of your commercial interior.

Help with space planning

Commercial interior design is not just about new furniture and an aesthetic makeover. The organization and placement of furniture, equipment and resources play an important part. Are you confident that your office interiors are organized for optimal efficiency? If not, that’s where space planning comes in.

For starters, take a closer look at workflow, specifically in regards to how people move through business interiors and how that space is defined. Then create a plan that addresses how interior spaces could best be used to create the environment you want.

Choosing a commercial interior design firm

Our commercial interior design team provides clients with customized solutions to space planning issues and commercial interior design ideas that address clients’ specific needs.

Contact Wilcox Office Works so that we can help you transform strong design concepts into dynamic commercial office interiors.

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