Whether at work or in your home office, there are ways to vamp up the style of your bookcase that go beyond books with elegant covers.

  1. Start fresh. Clear any items from your bookshelves; you’ll want to start with a bare “canvas.”
  2. Don’t be afraid to be a drama queen (or king!). Adding paint or wallpaper to the back wall of your bookcase incorporates a pop of color. You can also include a design or pattern that makes your bookshelf either stand out on its own in the room or match an already existing design scheme.
  3. It’s all about balance. When putting your items back on the shelves, start at the bottom with larger items and work your way up, adding smaller items on top shelves.
  4. Try a little patience. Don’t expect your first time to be perfect. It’s your shelf; if you end up not liking the end result or grow tired of it after a while, change it. It may take a few times for you to achieve the look you’ll ultimately love.
  5. Don’t judge a book by its cover..jacket. There are so many books out there in this world that have truly beautiful covers in a wide variety of colors. Sometimes, though, that can be hard to distinguish at first due to cover jackets. While they protect books from dust and other particles from damaging the books, they can also hide the book’s beauty… Beauty that can accentuate your shelves. Consider removing the cover jackets and see how much of a difference this makes. If there’s a cover you absolutely adore, consider displaying the book with the cover facing front.
  6. Utilize storage space. If you keep more than just books on your shelves, consider purchasing storage containers in different patterns or colors. Larger containers can be kept on bottom shelves while the smaller ones are placed higher.
  7. Switch it up. Play around with book placement; lay some horizontally and let others stand. Ones that are lying down can serve as a pedestal for other items. If you collect certain items, such as sea shells or small collectible figures, you can display them on top of the stacks that are lying down.
  8. Surround with art. Bookcases can be the perfect backdrop for artwork. You can hang art on the frame of the shelves, place it on the shelves, next to the bookcase, or sit on top of stacked books.
  9. Remember that less is more. Don’t fill up your shelves, as this will look cluttered and junky.