If you’re looking to revamp your office design but are working with a limited budget, consider pre-owned office furniture. This is a great way to change up the style of your office without overspending. Here are some benefits of previously owned furniture.
1.       Did we mention you’ll save money? You’ll be surprised at just how much pre-owned furniture remains to be in great condition. This means professional quality at a discounted price!
2.       Exceptional quality.  When you’re buying furniture from a business you can trust, like Wilcox Office Mart, you’re guaranteed to find used pieces that have very little to no damage. This is because when reputable businesses buy used pieces, they take their time making those pieces look as close to brand new as possible. You’re purchasing a high quality piece of furniture after all, which means you deserve the best of the piece’s original design.
3.       Used pieces keep some of their original value. If you’ve purchased a piece by a well known brand, chances are it will hold at least 75% of its original value for at least five years. This comes in handy if you choose to sell it because you’ll make back most of the money you spent.
4.       Quicker delivery. When you purchase brand new furniture, you often have to wait up to several weeks for the furniture. Once it arrives, you’re left with assembling the piece on your own. But with pre-owned furniture, the piece is ready to be delivered and typically comes assembled.
5.       Better for the environment. Used furniture decreases carbon footprint, preventing perfectly fine pieces from being dumped at a landfill.