What better way to bring in the New Year than by upgrading your current office? Whether you’re ready to be out with the old and in with the new, or if you’re starting to lose count over how many times your current office furniture has needed repairs, Wilcox Office Mart has what you need. If you’re experiencing any of the issues below, then come see us today!

  1. You’re running low on space. It’s always a good sign for your business to grow and expand. However, your office space will need to grow right along with it. You wouldn’t want your employees to be uncomfortable and cramped into tight spaces.
  2. The office has a “vintage” feel. What we mean by this is your office looks outdated. The overall look of your office can affect the mood and productivity of your workers. If you have tall panels, it may make the office seem closed off and dark. Perhaps workers are frustrated because of the lack of space to complete tasks, or the furniture is just simply old and uncomfortable. You’ll be surprised at the changes you’ll see in productivity simply by revamping the office space.
  3. Everywhere you look, there’s a mess. Whether it’s stacks of files all over desks, floors, and cabinets, or huge storage units taking up what appears to be half of the room, it’s never a good thing to have a crowded workspace. It’s time to update your filing system or at least find a method that isn’t so messy and takes up a large amount of space.
  4. You hear daily complaints from your employees. They’re expressing these opinions for a reason; they’re not happy and they’re looking to you for a solution to that. The conference table may not be big enough to seat everyone, the office chairs may be uncomfortable, there’s no break room, etc. All of these can impact the mood and productivity of an employee in a negative manner.
  5. The furniture/décor just doesn’t fit with your company. You want your office to accurately represent your business. Be intentional when selecting your office equipment and furniture, from the color or the style and aesthetic – all should convey the message your company wants to portray to the public.