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1.       Believe in the power of light and space. Areas with plenty of natural light have proven to be the most productive spaces to work in. Being indoors for 8-hour days (for some, even longer), can negatively affect employees' mood and their drive to get through the work day. A little sunshine goes a long way! Space is also important, as you want your workers to feel comfortable instead of claustrophobic. This, like the lighting, can help a worker focus and get through the work day productively. Keep in mind, however, those who operate better in quiet spaces and those who need a little noise. Movable walls are options now for those prone to being on the phone more than others. Designating office spaces far enough between these two types of workers is also an option.
2.       Establish comfortable zones outside the office. Offices typically create break rooms for lunch or an afternoon pick-me-up stop by the coffee pot. But, a great lounge can encourage office chats and can even serve as a meeting place for group projects.
3.       Keep your office space clean. No one wants to work in a messy, cluttered environment. This can result in accidents, presence of pests, and other annoyances that can hinder employees.
4.       Purchase stylish, comfortable furniture. Make sure your employees are comfortable both in and out of their office space. It may not seem like a big deal, but uncomfortable furniture can result in a lack of productivity.
5.       Stay updated on technology. No, you don’t have to purchase every new piece of office equipment that hits the market, but it’s important to stay updated with what’s current. Keep in mind you may have employees of different ages and learning paces, so selecting the model that’s easiest to use while also being the most modern is the best way to go.