Looking for a way to revamp your office space? Search no further! Below are some of the current trends for the 2017 work year.
1.       Creating a professional and mature environment with style. Long gone are the days are providing the “coolest” décor pieces (games and other accessories geared towards a younger market). These days, style and sophistication are in. This isn’t about being boring and fitting in, there’s a lot that can be done to your office to keep it modern and unique, but overall, you want to accurately represent your business and what it can offer.
2.       Storage space. No, we don’t mean storage closets! Furniture has been a staple piece in offices all across the globe, but these days it’s more than just what looks good in an open room. Furniture with functioning drawers for storing items has become the new trend. And when it’s practical and stylish, you can’t go wrong!
3.       Flexible design. Since trends change each year and countless amounts of dollars can go into completely rebuilding your office from scratch to keep up with said trends, it’s smart and financially better to create an office space that is flexible in design. That way, you will only have to make small changes as the trends come and go, saving much more money in the long run.
4.       Separating office spaces. There are two types of workers – those who don’t mind a noisy environment with interaction from others by the minute, and those who need quieter spaces for privacy and concentration purposes. Offices are currently catering to the needs of these employees, creating separate areas for both types to work in efficiently.
5.       Health conscious work environment. From offering health facilities in the building, to better food options in the cafeteria or lounge, to natural lighting and lush plants, to the ever growing in popularity standing desks, companies are now focused on their employees overall well being and how they can contribute to it successfully.
6.       Furniture that assists with technology. Certain furniture now comes with screen displays for tablets, and USB and wireless charging, making usage and set up easier.