Common Misconceptions about Office Furniture

                  If you’re searching for new office furniture, know that it’s possible to find trendy pieces of great quality without breaking your budget. Here are some common misconceptions, however, that you should avoid falling for when shopping for office upgrades.

  1. “It’s going to cost a lot of money.” First of all, understand that you don’t have to replace everything at one time. Focus on replacing the most important components first, such as desks or chairs in the waiting lobby. Prioritize and replace over time. Another option to help save money is to purchase used office furniture.
  2. “Used furniture won’t be in good condition.” Don’t mistake the term “used” as meaning worn out and/or beat down from wear and tear. Perhaps it was only “used” for a few months or a year. Most used furniture becomes refurbished before going back on the market anyway, so you’re paying for pieces that look like brand new at a used price. You’ll be surprised at the large amount of used pieces that are still in good condition. Keep an open mind when it comes to used office furniture; you just might find what you’ve been searching for.
  3. “The style of the furniture isn’t related to the company’s brand.” Think of it this way – if a customer comes into your business and sees old, outdated furniture that’s uncomfortable to sit in, do you think they will have a great impression of your business? Probably not. Style does matter when it comes to branding, even with office furniture.