By: Ashley Elvington
When it comes to working in an efficient manner, the right office environment is crucial. It can be difficult to concentrate if the lighting is too bright, there’s clutter everywhere, furniture is uncomfortable, etc. If you’re looking to revamp your work space, here are some benefits you’ll receive from an office makeover.
1.       An increase in productivity. Work is best accomplished in the right environment. As previously mentioned, it can be difficult working in a space that is less than comfortable or an eye sore. Let’s face it, no one wants to struggle at navigating around clutter or adjusting to desk furniture that’s proven to be more of a pain than a pleasantry. Acoustics are important and should be considered. Noisy offices can be distracting, so can offices that are too quiet (you definitely do not want employees dozing off during work hours!). Lighting that is too bright may induce headaches, while lighting that’s too dim will cause difficulty in seeing. It’s all about the perfect balance. Once you’ve got an office space that makes employees happy, you should see an improvement in their work ethic, especially if space allows for collaboration between employees. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all!
2.       A more efficient usage of modern technology. Having a space that adequately accommodates office equipment is a great start. Thankfully, there are so many different models of printers, fax machines, copiers (even all three in one!) these days, many of them much smaller than models of previous decades. This aids in office space and maintaining a more updated look. Another bonus? The easier the equipment is for the employee to operate, the easier the task will be to complete. Many types of equipment these days are touch screen, making operation simple and quick for the user.
3.       Your office becomes an invitation that is welcoming to all. Men, women, customers, employees – it’s important to provide a space where all feel welcome and comfortable. You certainly don’t want a space that seems to appeal to only one gender; this may turn away or intimidate future employee prospects. You also want a space that makes customers feel at ease and keeps them returning.  
4.       Happy employees, happy employer, successful business. If you’re providing the right environment for your employees, you’ll reap many rewards that extend far beyond having a nice office to admire and enjoy.